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FilmEmerge Asks for Your Help to Keep the Michigan Film Incentives

Gov. Snyder told us yesterday as he delivered his budget proposal “This is a defining moment.” That is an understatement for those of us that are invested in Michigan’s emerging film industry. Most agree that the tax incentives needed to be tweaked, but to completely pull the rug out from the industry just as it begins to gain some real traction is ridiculous. The film incentives are not some entitlement program that needs to be trimmed. They represent investment in a new industry for the state. They represent personal reinvention for thousands of Michiganians. They represent an investment in the development of a creative class to diversify and enhance our manufacturing based economy.

We do not have to accept this as our fate. This is a new world where the power of social media can bring about “revolution.” FilmEmerge has over 4,000 active members, over 3,000 Twitter followers, and 2,000 Facebook fans. Together this represents almost 10,000 people who care about the Michigan film industry. Let’s use this collective social media presence to start our own “revolution”, to let our voices be heard in favor of keeping Michigan’s film incentives intact. To do this, we are asking for YOUR help. We need to hear from YOU! Tell us your story?

What business or service are you providing to the Michigan film industry?

What does the Michigan film industry mean to you?

What investments have you made both in time and money?

What is your story of personal reinvention?

What is your success story?

What will you do if the Michigan film industry disappears?

Send us your story by email or video to and we will use as a collective forum to state our case to the Governor in favor of keeping the film incentives. Please join us today!


Jason Waterman & Jonathan Rayos
Co-founders of FilmEmerge

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